Thank You for Visiting our Project

This web application was a collaborative effort designed to utilize and demonstrate many of the skills learned and developed at Learning Fuze. Originally we sought out to build a video game using JavaScript but expanded upon this idea to deliver a more robust experience. This web application incorporates Google OAuth Sign In, ecommerce payment functionality through Stripe API, PHP backend for player data, Firebase for leaderboard, Google Analytics, a web blog to enhance organic search and a fully functional star wars themed x-wing fighter shoot ‘em up game.

Technologies utilized to build this web application include:

  • -JavaScript
  • -jQuery
  • -Phaser Game Engine
  • -PHP
  • -Firebase
  • -MYSQL
  • -WordPress
  • -Stripe
  • -Google Sign-In

This is a fan made project.

Special Thanks to Cohort 11 for their help and feedback.